MOLLY GOCHMAN  -  Lullabies

Molly Gochman is an experiential, inter-sensory artist working and residing in Houston, Texas. Her work provides evocative experiences through interdisciplinary installations. In the last five years, Gochman’s work has been exhibited as far away as the Roney Gallery in Sydney, Australia, to various galleries throughout her home state of Texas including Barbara Davis Gallery, Margolis Gallery, DiverseWorks, and her own space, Commune. It is through Gochman’s inimitable personal energy that one best gets a sense of her unique artistry and vision: “I install objects in space. I manipulate architectural spaces through building topographies that seem to drip and melt from the walls and ceiling.” According to Gochman, it is through “placement” that objects become endowed with an ability to communicate a range of concepts, voyages, and experiences. “Through arranging objects in spaces I create environments and experiences. This is my way of communicating what I cannot come close to expressing in words.”

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